blade runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is a fantastical film, created from the threads of visionaries, encompassing a dystopian world which is perhaps not too far removed from our own.

I didn’t want to leave this world, a world of Darkness and Light, of unspoken secrets and unspoken feelings; of destruction and rebirth; a landscape, a desolation; a universe.

We merely glimpse at this behemoth, the world of a beating heart; the world that moves and ploughs on, regardless of us.
For, the world is a machine; constant whirring, artificial, yet trying to break from this constant cycle.

Blade Runner; a complete phantasmagoria, at times hallucinatory, unreal; I agree with these comments made by others.

We follow K (a name that will ring true for many readers), a seemingly detached, calm individual Blade Runner, a young blade runner, who has ventured on his, to him, normal tasks; yet ironically, though there may of course be no connection, Mr K, in Kafka’s books, would usually descend on what they believe to be normal tasks, yet this would quickly evaporate and transform into an entirely different beast.

Here, it is the same for our blade runner K; what seems a normal task will evolve into something much, much more; a profound and profusely emotional exploration of Humanity, Existence; what it means to be human?

What it means to live; what it means to find truth, to live in the unknown.

K must find his soul, if there is to be one; a beautiful exploration and journey, one that we must all take, as shrewdly mentioned by K to his superior.

Thus Blade Runner descends into a whirlwind of lies, deceit; totalitarianism.
Here, the film reveals it’s true natures; to ask questions, to ask us to reflect on what may be, what could be; what we should consider..


What about these replicants, whether they exist one day or not. How far do we go to ensure these do not feel; yet what if they become so evolved that they do feel.

What does this mean.

The nature of memories; intertwining and hiding within our minds; what are memories; do they make us more human

What if a replicant feels memories

How far do we reach for that humanity; what is humanity?
In these worlds, the humans seem to be as robotic as the replicants; them being ‘more human than human’.

At what state is humanity lost?

To say Blade Runner is empty; well, isn’t that..


As well as being a profound exploration of what it is to be human; what an electrifying experience

A particularly surreal moment involving the Elvis scene; surreal almost in a Lynch way; very much memorable..

Zimmer’s more experimental and electronic soundtrack absolutely beats, beats with an electric heart, riding a voltage wave throughout the film; exploding into millions of lightning bolts, absolute force, throbbing, reaching huge, huge crescendos; as the music is as part of the world as any.

For this world is rich, huge and magnificent; yet also subtle, quiet and deserted.
Huge projected woman tower over the cities, K merely being a small dot in this.

Orange clouds mist over desert landscapes; a mysterious orange mist, silence..

We are completely spun and wrapped into K’s world.

For, I cared about K, though of course I do adore Gosling as an actor.

We care about K, because his journey is so like ours; he tries to find his soul, his truth; we try to find our place in this world.

There, Gods reign upon machines; the makers upon makings.
Here, the replicants and robots, which could be considered third world, poor, try to rise against their Makers, which could be considered the rich, otherwise statistical.
A battle that could be expanded upon in many abstract ways, but ultimately it is this; one that is so similar to our worlds.

Here, is it better to be human, however?
As mentioned earlier, many humans don’t seem to be living; much like our world, we must break through this;

we need to Live

Dehumanization is apparent in the society in Blade Runner; whether the inhabitants are aware our not.
Mass advancement in the technological could explain this; general states of the world..

Are these characters not part of a bigger plan, simply part of the universe which they inhabit in; for the film also; a part of the philosophical themes, representing parts of humanity we see in ourselves?

A true reflection on multinational power…

Yet also we are so emotionally involved into this film; it’s Beings, their stories and futile battles in hope, in the face of unsaid anguish and anxiety, which is yet reminds me of Kafka’s characters; a nameless terror, never spoken, yet always fought against; yet also it encompasses gigantic profound themes beyond the small beings; the discovery of memories, the future of mankind; the state of our minds; emotions: Love, Passion, Lust for Life; Our Actual Purpose, the finding of our soul; the finding of our humanity in the face of adversity of machinery, for what should that stop anyone?
For me, Blade Runner really tries to claw, through time, memories; to what:


Concludingly, Blade Runner introduces as a reference an enigmatic point: Pale Fire, by Vladimir Nabokov.

The introduction of this book should completely silence any arguments that this here Blade Runner is empty.

Reflective of Pale Fire, here K ventures for the impossible search; for the Explanation; yet can he find this? He will plod on regardless.

K continues; he flies, keeps flying, whether the real or not; like lessons taught from Pale Fire; venture on regardless of realness or unrealness.

Lines from Pale Fire repeatedly stated:

A system of cells interlinked within
Cells interlinked within cells interlinked
Within one stem. And dreadfully distinct
Against the dark, a tall white fountain played

Does not Blade Runner revel in the wisdom of Living in the Mystery; to truly live, to embrace.

Shouldn’t we feel astonishing power, in our heart for K?
Does he not represent all of Humanity in himself?

A lone figure, in a dark dystopian environment; trying to find that Light, the Truth.


I, for one, find this profusely human, emotional, profound.

This simply shows the hidden threads and depths that expand on; past our experience, and for K’s existence; a profound existence, one that ventures to new grounds for Huamnity.

Beauty in visual poetry..

A visual poem..

Written by: Sebastian Karamyar

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