Vampir_poster_WEBVampir is the story of a strange loner who lives in an old hut on the edge of town. One night he comes in from the fields for food. The frustrated, violent youth of the town haunt the shops, breaking things and tormenting a small kitten. Vladimir and Piotr are destined to meet, but their strengths and weaknesses will be found in unexpected places.
Vampir is an Australian short film with an edge. Inspired by an Eastern Bloc aesthetic, reflected in the shooting style (by award-winning cinematographer Warwick Field), production design (by Emmeline Dulhunty), and original score (by composer John Kilbey),
Vampir is beautiful and bleak, heartfelt and haunting; a short drama that shows different sides of strength and weakness and what it means to be human.
Working with experienced DOP Warwick Field, Vampir is cinematically beautiful with unique haunting images, the beauty in the bleak. By playing with frame rates we stop time and focus on small meaningful moments as Vladimir goes on his journey, such as the delighted squealing children who look surreal flipping through the air in slow motion on a trampoline concealed by suburban fences.

Tall strings of street lights and vampire bats push this disquieting mood further. Is he a vampire? We see him only at night, and he lopes like Nosferatu, recoiling from the light which spills from the door as Mira sees him for the first time rummaging in the bins behind the supermarket. Once again, what we see and what we do not is very important. Perhaps appearances deceive. A unique and bold short with a strong message (which is even more pertinent to the current zeitgeist regarding violence and the global need for tolerance for differences between people in the world).


When a strange loner comes in to town, his
bloody encounter with the local youth will reveal
the true nature of what it means to be human.
Title: Vampir
Completion Date: August 2015
Duration: 8 minutes
Country of Production: Australia
Genre: Drama
Shoot Gauge: Red
Finish Gauge: DCP
Ratio: 2:35 (Scope)
Language: English
Principal Cast
Vampir – Tony Rogers
Mira – Marlo Kelly
Piotr – Ben Ingram

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